Angelyn Rudd


Mobile: 502-649-7833
Office: 502-515-4455


Angelyn Rudd has a unique family legacy in Louisville that spans back to the early 1800’s, with her family having built many of the homes in the Cresent Hill/Clifton and Butchertown areas and working in the distilleries along Main Street and at a quilting factory on Rudd Ave. Although, she grew up between Los Angeles and Louisville, she now calls Louisville her home.

Angelyn’s real estate career began when she bought her first rental house twenty years ago, and then began flipping in 2004.  She is well-versed in investment properties and remodels. 

Traveling is a pastime she enjoys and loves adventure, with over sixty countries on her passport. However, her passion lies in being involved in social justice campaigns and service work and simply helping her fellow neighbors.