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Trust in God with all your heart


Pam McGuyer’s journey has been unlike most and led her from Kentucky for nearly thirty years before it brought her back. During the time while she was away, she attended Auburn University where she received a Masters Degree, began a career working for the federal government while living in Frankfurt, West Germany, and then to Washington, DC, where she was assigned for most of her federal career. 

Pam has been privileged and honored to have held the position of Chief of Staff, Office of Information and Technology, with US Customs and Border Protection (from which she retired in 2010). Though this was an action-packed job, it was nothing in comparison to being the Liaison to Mexico shortly after 9/11. Pam is also PMP qualified, and has attended classes providing her with Executive Leadership skills.

Returning to Kentucky in 2014 was a significant change after living and working in the Washington, DC, area for over thirty years. In order to learn more about Louisville and the surrounding area, Pam obtained her real estate license and began working at Gant Hill & Associates in 2015.



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