Phil Ammon


Mobile: 502-417-0123 


Phil serves his clients as an Advisor, Realtor and Auctioneer, specializing in the marketing, sale and closing of commercial and residential real estate assets via auction and traditional treaty sale.

He has over 24 years of experience focusing on real estate, media production and marketing.

His experience has involved him with the sale of numerous real estate product types topping several millions of dollars as well as other business verticals seeking his marketing expertise. Phil also conducts several charitable fund-raising activities for local organizations, schools, churches, and medical associations.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications / Marketing from the University of Louisville and graduated from the renowned Reppert School of Auctioneering.

His clients include many financial institutions, legal counselors, corporations, municipalities, consultants and private owners in Kentucky.

Phil is one of those approachable, highly knowledgeable, friendly advisors that you want by your side when you need to buy or sell real estate!