Scott Neal


Mobile: 502-457-0254
Office: 502-515-4455


Gant Hill Associate, Scott Neal, is one of those durable, efficient and charismatic professionals that we have the pleasure to work alongside that has worked in selling Billboard, Radio and TV Advertising sales for 30 plus years.

Scott entered the mortgage business focusing on commercial lending. Scott was a part of several revitalization projects on 4th street and Main St in Louisville. He started his own investment company specializing in commercial property and new neighborhoods. Scott also. worked for a healthcare company where he focused on sales, mergers & acquisitions. In 2017, Scott began a new journey as a Realtor. Scott always puts his clients first and treats everyone with love and respect. 

He enjoys working with people and learning about them and their stories. Scott is a member of Southeast Christian Church and is involved in several ministries working to help people in need. 

This mission work has taken Scott to Afghanistan among other places. Scott is a man of character and honor.


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