Aimee Leow

Administrative Assistant

Mobile: 502-802-6546


Aimee Leow is the CEO & Founder of Trusted Leverage Company, LLC.  A Louisville native, she attended the University of Louisville and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Master of Arts Degree in Teaching. Her background in Finance, Education, and Real Estate make Aimee uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of leverage services to her clients. Her focus with Trusted Leverage Company (TLC) is to assist Realtors and other Entrepreneurs by providing the leverage they need, freeing up their time so that they may focus on tasks in which they excel and enjoy. At Gant Hill & Associates she assists our agents with Listing Coordination, Seller/Buyer Transaction Management, Technology, and Marketing.

In her down time, she loves reading, camping, and music festivals. She gives her time and resources to organizations across the Louisville area, such as Hope’s Closet, La Casita, and Sanctuary Church.