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Gant Hill & Associates strives to represent a new kind of real estate company. Our carefully selected associates are committed, connected and knowledgeable about their specialized local market.

Gant Hill

Kathy Hinkebein

Robert Wang

McKenna Whorton

Florence Browne

April Tyler

Evan Manship

Melody Schenk

Patti Presnell-Maddox

Sam Patel

Kenneth Kapp

James ‘Mac’ Wilkinson

Todd Jones

Lorianne P. Bonn

Sal Rubino

Judy Brown

Amy Wagner

Danny Boehnlein

Maggie French

Carol Butler

Pamela Ford

Yancy Moore

Wright Sloan

Aaron Willett

Aimee Leow

James Wilson

Carmelita Mays

Ludmila Berezova-Dimitrov

Howard Evans

Austin Turner

Kim Delaney