About our company

Comprehensive real estate sales solutions for buyers, sellers and investors.
Gant Hill & Associates is a full-service real estate brokerage and advisory firm.  We specialize in the purchase, rental, sale, management and marketing of preferred residential and commercial properties.  Headquartered in Louisville, Gant Hill & Associates is a boutique firm whose brand imparts integrity, expertise, and above all superb knowledge of regional real estate.

Who we are

A group of people who are passionate about real estate.


It is often said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  As a team, Gant Hill & Associates can offer better customer service to its clients and greater knowledge of the regional market.  Our associates are experienced, friendly, honest and want nothing more than to help you find the perfect property.  Their understanding of the area and its local amenities, combined with a keen ability to assess your desires and needs results in a more efficient buying process.

Our mission

To be the best, full-service real estate company in the Ohio River Valley.
Our team successfully utilizes its experience from the corporate world combined with years of expertise in the real estate market to give our clients the benefit of a strong foundation in negotiations, communication and problem solving.

Our Services

Gant Hill & Associates is a full-service real estate brokerage firm.
Real Estate Advisory, Brokerage & Leasing
Gant Hill & Associates is prepared to help you buy, sell, invest and lease property in the Ohio River Valley Region.  We consider each property to be unique and strive to fulfill and surpass our client’s objectives.
Property & Asset Management
As a Landlord representative and partner in many of our properties, Gant Hill & Associates designs a tailor made real estate initiative for each real estate investment portfolio to meet the strategic desires of the investor.  We view the asset through the owner’s perspective and perform our services with the Landlord’s best interest in mind.
Private Real Estate Investment
Founded in 2002, Gant Hill & Associates has experience in the management of Office, Industrial, Retail, Multifamily and Single Family properties.  Our primary objective is to optimize the value of the properties in our portfolio. We do this by capitalizing on our keen knowledge of the local market during and compound this success by superb management, the tenant’s enjoyment and attention to detail from property to prospectus.
Consulting Services
Having performed hundreds of quality diligence reports over the last decade, our brokers and agents offer professional expertise and vast knowledge of the local and regional real estate market.  Private individuals, businesses, lenders, attorneys and investors look to Gant Hill & Associates for reporting services and guidance to fully maximize their investment return.  These reports include Broker’s Price Opinions, Property and Market Assessments, Property Inspections, Comparative Market Analysis Valuations, Lease vs. Purchase Summaries, Net Present Value and IRR Calculations for both local and regional property.  We strive to satisfy the client with that which is desired, so please contact our professionals for your specific consulting needs.